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Our Journey


Real struggle going on here: Change

Let’s be honest.  Business hasn’t been great.  Of course the Canadian Economy has it’s part to play, and the Notley Government, Oil Sands, the weather or the Tooth Fairy.  That’s the truth – it’s always something.

The bottom line is:  We need to revamp but don’t know how.  Hire someone new, fresh, hungry.  New ideas are great in theory but it’s hard to change what we’ve been doing.  Let’s face it, we just aren’t tapped into what people want these days.  And it’s hard to let go of what was – the glory days. It’s easier to remember when it was good and repeat old ways.  People change though, and we’ve forgotten that.  It’ll take time, and maybe it’s time we don’t have.

We have a lot to give, just don’t know how to show it.  Bear with us: we want to change but struggle with the transformation.  Hey, at least we’re trying right?  As always, a work in progress 🙂

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